looking for suggestions on a PD work ticketing system to give to ISPs

The request was to reply to you directly, but I'm CCing the
list, because it would be hard to find a better forum for this
question. (Anything but IP address allocation polcies...)

I'll testify to the need, but will tell you, that I don't believe
such as beast exists. A couple of ticketing systems exists
and have been mentioned. The ones I've looked at including
gnats and others, were nearly useless for my company as an ISP,
much less as a more general solution for ISPs in general.

Unfortunately a number of the key issues, with respect
to a Internet wide trouble management system, are unsolved,
except in limited fashions withs respect to academic work or
in restricted enviroments, i.e. corporate.

The software we use in house is not ready for public consumption
Some of our general requirements that are going into our system
  Open Standards: Should not require any specific database system.
  Integrate into existing work environment:
    provide email and WWW interface into system.
  Provide several different levels of authentication for
    creation, assignmnet, updatings, and closing of issues.

The issues we are looking at, but not requiring for or system
  provide for ticket creation by other NOCs
  automation tools for diagnostics

For some of us at least, it would be really handy to have
detailed and specific trouble information passed in a common
format, such that both NOCs don't have to duplicate the effort.

I would be very interested in discussing any existing or proposed
systems either in email or at NANOG.

I have looked at a Problem/Ticket Tracking database with an integrated
suite of tools that seems to hold some promise. It's Tower Concept's
Razor Suite. You can get more info from:


From the page:

"The issues program could be considered the heart of the Razor package.
It's a highly configurable problem tracking system, wherein locally
defined problem forms present themselves on screen as X Windows,
employing text fields, text windows, check boxes, choices, etc, for
whatever information is important to your work."

The last time I checked there was a demo version available.


Senior Internet Engineer
Mikrotec Internet Services, Inc.