looking for status lists

Can anyone point me to a list that has status and advance failure
announcements for the service providers whether ISP or NSP? I would
also be interested in announcements on major policy changes that
affect the internet community. Please respond to me directly
as I will be removing my subscription from this list.

  Do you run a regional, national, or international network
  who's traffic to and from my institution would be impacted
  by failures in transit? Do you operate a large commercial
  service that suffers an occasional outage (Internic, AOL,
  ...)? If so, then I would be interested in subscribing
  to your status announcement lists.

The nanog list has had a few good pearls out there during the MAE-WEST
outages, and the various WorldCom fiber cuts around the country, but
recently the discussions have degraded into a less than productive
list with a fairly high amount of noise.

Tim Peiffer peiffer@nts.umn.edu
Networking and Telecommunications Services
University of Minnesota +1 612 626 7884 desk
2221 University Ave +1 612 625 0006 problems
Suite 145 +1 612 626 1002 fax
Minneapolis MN 55455, USA

Not sure how this might fit into your classifiaction of
'advanced', but there is the outage-discuss list, which seems
to be largely ignored:


- paul