Looking for Security / Operational Contact at New York Times


In the off chance there is someone who works at the New York Times on this
list, please contact me ASAP, there is a very nasty problem with one of your
internet facing system (details will only be provided to @nytimes.com or
related addresses). And as always, please respond off list.

Adam Stasiniewicz


If this is a private problem, why not look them up in 411 and call
them directly?

Yup, I have already tried, but it is fairly late in NY. So I was hoping to
catch someone tonight, instead of waiting until tomorrow morning when
someone cluefull would answer the phone / process online contact forms.

If this is a private problem, why not look them up in 411 and call
them directly?

why, when someone asks for a contact on this list is there an implicit
assumption that they are too stupid to have done their homework?


Cause, its a common delusion to think that big companies actually put valid contact information either on whois or their website that leads to a person who actually knows how to do the job they are assigned.

I think you're assuming that the rest of us think everyone is stupid too. :slight_smile:




I'm involved in a state-wide InBand/OOB management terminal server deployment for network infrastructure equipment and am looking for recommendations on centralized modem servers for the network team at a central location. Ideally the network team would use this centralized service to access the new terminal servers deployed across the state from their desktops via ssh vs. provisioning POTS lines and modems at all the engineers desk? We will leverage laptops and available modem lines as well but I'm looking for a permanent, always available solution that does not involve booting up your laptop, etc...

Any recommendations on what you've seen work well, product recommendations (or warnings), or overall solutions would be very welcome.



They don't have a 24/7 NOC?

Stasiniewicz, Adam wrote: