Looking for input -- OSS tooling

I know that a number of people on this list use, and/or contribute to, open source software tools (e.g., *RTG). As I outlined in my lightning talk at the NANOG meeting last June, I’m collecting information about what operators find useful/off-putting in the use, contribution to, and support of open source software tools.

My plan, and why I hope this project will be interesting to you, is to share the results of the data collection publicly so that supporters of OSS projects will be able to better tune them to what works for you. People who fund open source are asking for answers, so your thoughts would be appreciated!

If you have 8 - 10 minutes to spare and would be willing to contribute your thoughts, you can get to the questionnaires here:


Thing 1 — “Questionnaires” because there’s one for individual contributors, and one for decision makers. You’re welcome to fill out both, if applicable.

Thing 2 — the questionnaire does not require you to provide your name or contact info — that’s optional, if you’d like to do some follow up.

Thanks for considering contributing your thoughts!