looking for help for the statistics data on spoofing attack events on Internet

We are conducting an experiment to evaluate IP source address spoofing attacks on Internet and want to collect some statistics data or report about it Which organization or research group could support some statistics data, report or hints on the spoofed IP source address attack events, DNS spoofing events, router forged update events on the whole Internet or regional network for research analysis?

Best wishes!

you might get some mileage from the spoofer-project out of MIT:


have fun!

Dear Mr. Morrow:

Thank you!
We have already found CAIDA’s backscatter, MIT’s spoofer project. Spoofer project focuses on how much space in the Internet could be spoofable. It is very helpful for our experiment. But we also want to know how often the spoofing events(such spoofing IP attacks, spoofing route update) occurs, or the degree of their activity in real world. Monitoring the Internet widely is very difficult,so I hope to get some useful infomation by surveying the related statistical data and report from organization. currently, this way has no effective result.

2007/12/24, Christopher Morrow <morrowc.lists@gmail.com>: