Looking for commentators for "State of the Net"

Have you ever wanted to tell _your_ side of the Internet world, unfiltered by
confused reporters and voracious editors?

ISP-TV is looking for network engineers and operators for a new Internet
video show called "State of the Net." This show will allow the people who
really run the Internet day-to-day to talk about what is _really_ going on
concerning important issues such as spamming, the real story on Net outages,
packet loss at the MAEs, peering, transition to IPV6, the future of DNS
and IP number registry, and whatever else is on your mind.

We're looking for a group of 10-20 people so that we can do a weekly live show
but not require anyone to show up more than once per month (we know that
you're busy!). Shows will also be archived in RealVideo format, and will
be available on-demand at 28.8kbps speeds.

If you are interested, please email isptv@digex.net or call (301) 847-5076