Looking for clue at NetSOL/Verisign

Is there anyone with a clue at verisign who's able to actually repair
a broken entry in their database? I've got a companies domain name that
seems to be stuck with nameservers listed in whois, but none in the .com

This means that everything for this companies domain is hitting the sitefinder
crap, mail is being rejected, etc.

A call to netsol got me a rather clueless person who claimed that sitefinder
was created by ICANN, and that it's normal for a domain to have no nameservers
for up to 3 days when changing name server entries. (instead of an immediate

I had this problem before with the exact same set of nameservers, it required
a week worth of calls to verisign and a threat of legal action before someone
manually touched something in their database to fix it. Unfortunately they
claimed at the time that it was normal, and the changes had been processed
normally (after a week!), so I have no contact information for the clued
person who fixed it.

LOL! I think we'll all see the next asteroid smack into the earth before
you find anyone at Verisign who will respond to this! (on or off list) :slight_smile:

I suggest (Matthew) call network solutions back and tell them to call
verisign NDS customer service. They are wrong about ICANN.