Looking for a Telus cellular last mile facilities operations contact

I have observed a Telus cellular site shelter that’s making a terrible, not normal ventilation noise.

It’s a 12+ foot length prefab assemble on site shelter located in the basement parking garage of a 23 floor tower in downtown Vancouver. I know what this POP’s normal ventilation sounds like, having seen.and heard it in operation for several years now, and this isn’t healthy.

Based on the amount of sectors on the roof and ptp microwave links from this site I would guess this is a more important than ordinary site, so if Telus doesn’t want to wait for it to overheat and die, contact me off list for the street address of the building.

I have already tried spending about 45 minutes on the phone with Telus customer service (I am not a customer) and this has been making the “I am a dying ventilation blower” noise for two weeks now.