Looking for a solution.

I am looking for an inexpensive Cisco solution to turn up BGP with my 2 upstream providers. I only need a router dense enough to accommodate a couple ATM DS-3's and a couple 100 Meg Ethernet links. I would like to buy two identical platforms and terminate one provider on each. I need some advice on which platform would be best, do I need the full BGP routing table, etc. Please shoot me an email if anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or hardware for sale.

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Ben L. Estes
Director of Network Operations

Sorry to bother everyone, but I'm trying to save colleagues from being pointlessly flogged by a PHB. The PHB in question has assigned some junior staffers to find out, and I quote, "The market share of providers in Frame Relay and ATM, by state, by provider." My colleagues have been trying-- they even got up the nerve to bother me-- but there doesn't seem to be any resource paid or free that can give them this information.

Their desperation is moving enough (there have been some layoffs here) that I am willing to bother NANOG with off-topic drivel such as this:

Do any of you know if there is a source out there that has this kind of information? The PHB is willing to pay, so if you know of even a paid information source out there, it will suffice.

One proxy that I thought of, although this information is also (apparently) not available, would be to know where frame and ATM equipment is deployed. Similar information is available for voice services in COs-- is there anything available for frame/ATM like in the voice world? I'm thinking of the various places to get details on what services are offered from which COs for voice and DSL-- I think that the (relatively) non-tariffed nature of these services means that this would not be available.

If there is no way to get this data, that is fine-- I'd like to know this so that I can tell PHB and provide some cover/relief to my colleagues.

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HEY! :slight_smile:

Was wondering what the status is of new DSL orders. I'm a reseller. Phil
Rotenberry is my rep - but it is difficult getting in touch with him (I
imagine he's very busy). Can I resume doing prequals and placing orders,
which I had stopped doing in the wake of Rhythms' bankruptcy filing?

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