Looking for a piece of gear to do...


I am looking for a very simple piece of gear that will do the following:

  Fast-E ---- |thing|-------ATM OC3------|thing| ---- Fast-E

I am not looking for a discussion on how this, me, or ATM is bad. It's
just a solution I need.

Anyway, I am looking for 'thing' to be a simple device. Perhaps it would
have more than one FE port, and you'd map PVC's to ports, or whatever. The
key is that this totally transparent, and able to pass 802.1q vlan tags.
It'd be used in a point-to-point topology only.

Any clues would be great.

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(1) Sonoma (now rebranded & I can't remember to what)
(2) Alcatel 480

Try this: http://www.rad.com/products/family/ace-101/ace-101.htm


If you have two catalysts (5000/6000) with some spare ports/modules, then
throw an ATM blade into it.


Riverstone 1000 could do this at a reasonable cost.


Hello All , Someone has been trying to foist off on a friend of
  mine a box from Scientific-Atlanta called a Luminous ? That is
  supposed to do the something simular . Anyone have any insights
  on this product line ? There is also some card/add-on device that
  will (supposedly) allow it to do routing decissions thru
  rip/ospf/... . Never seen the unit nor heard much about it .
    Tia , JimL