Locating rogue APs

> It appears that kismet requires either someone to walk around the


> while running the program or that you have you have it installed on
> machines all over your site. Neither of those options interest me as


> long term solution to rogue AP monitoring.

You could setup a laptop, a GPS with a data cable, NetStumbler[free],
and a 8dbi 2.5ghz <802.11b> antenna and pickup everything clearly
for a half a mile without walking around. I've just acquired this
setup myself. Google on "war driving +F150" and you'll see a setup
to help for < $55

If you are driving then you might want to build something using the DashPC
http://www.dashpc.com/ but for walking around it's even easier if you use
a Linux-based PDA like the Sharp Zaurus which runs kismet.

--Michael Dillon