list problems?

To be honest, I recall that particular
language and it made me wonder if it was an
AUP violation. I don't know that I'd equate
enforcing an AUP with censorship. We are,
after all, professionals and it shouldn't be
difficult to maintain a certain level of

Speaking for myself, my choice of words at
home can be considerably different from what
I'd choose to use at work or when dealing
with other professionals in a public forum.
The sort of language that I sometimes use at
home or with friends is not acceptable here
at work so I would presume that it wouldn't
be acceptable when communicating in an open
professional forum.

Just my $.005 after taxes,

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> > I've gotten at least 5 messages from

you on this list today...

> Yeah, maybe NANOG implemented WFQ...

Further tests seem to indicate that every

message posted to the list is