List of AS names by ASN?

Hi, all.

I'm trying to find a list/table of AS names by ASN, preferably
tab-delimited, that I can use in spreadsheets and scripts. (Like, e.g., the

Cidr Report)

Can anyone give me an idea where I might find this sort of thing?

has all of the Arin, and some of the others. I would be
glad for similar lists from RIPE and APNIC.

Note that this list includes some ASN blocks, and needs
to be "expanded" before use in a spread sheet. I have
a awk routine to do this...

Marshall Eubanks

Jeb Linton

Marshall Eubanks

Given that most everyone here has registered NIC handles with Network
Solutions, some with probably more than 100 network and domain objects
associated with a handle: how exactly do your updates to those NIC
handles measure up with plain NSI domain updates?

Has the process of updating them at NSI gone into "manual mode" -
meaning that it now takes days, even weeks to complete the updates?

I really hate to see the effect of people submitting handle updates
3, 4, 5 times, thinking something at NSI's end is wrong (and it is).
In my case, my update requests for one and the same handle from July 11,
13 and 19 have all been answered with an auto-reply containing a ticket
number, but that's about it. No requests for confirmation, no "has been
updated" messages (the latter I sure hope not to see before a request
for confirmation) whatsoever.

That, and the now persistent, repeated sudden failures of both ARIN and
NSI's whois databases, coupled with a flawed "denial, not back-off/slowdown"
approach of NSI towards "excessive" querying of their whois database makes
my life more difficult than it otherwise would have to be.


It appears nearly impossible to update certain data at NSI (NIC handle data being among those). Just heard NSI is complaining about the rate at which people are transferring domains away. Duh, go figure... I get updates of all sorts done to data within a few hours with the registrar I use, and could spend a week pleading with NSI, or being asked to pay a bribe^H^H^Hfee to get them to fix data. Funny, who would YOU choose?

I updated 5 contract entries two days ago, and the changes
showed up within 16 hours, process was totally automated. As long
as you're using the correct auth information, they should go through