L'ironie est le fond du caractere de la Providence

Chang'd loves are but chang'd sorts of meat,
And when he hath the kernel eat,
Who doth not fling away the shell?

Well, Elise is going to yell at me -- perhaps even in person -- for
abusing the mailing list, and I deserve it, but I can't help myself.
I like irony too much. Maybe the subject line (I figure that she likely
will recognize the source) will appease her a bit.

(So, Kai, no need to duck :slight_smile: )

Anyway, the originator of this note should be lauded
for very sensibly restricting its audience, and I deserve
the blame for posting it here (with permission obtained
after much grovelling and pleading on my part), thinking
it was too good a line not to share.

- --