Linux Router KIT

*shit. You have no clues. Linux was better at networking than BSD
even in 1.2.x days ...

IIRC Linux didn't have VLSM in the 1.2.x tree, I seem to remember hacking
GateD for ages to make it work at University only to find it wasn't
GateD that was broken. The code for Linux hadn't been written. I
then moved to work with NetBSD.

In my opinion, and I've been using PC's and Sparcs to route
for over 4 years now, all the Unices have their pros and cons, I use
alot of NetBSD at home, but I use BSD/OS at work because of the support.
I did use NetBSD with a ATM interface and BGP4 a while back and it
did actually work although I doubt it could have driven 155M.

There is a limit however that one hits when you really need
hardware that is dedicated to routing. I recently have spent alot
of time with several different vendors and to be honest all the vendors
have their problems. The trick is to identify which one can deal with
them the quickest, and there are some that need to wake up in a big way.

followups to comp.os.*.advocacy


That's absolutely wrong.

Guys, I'm a Linux advocate and a Caldera VAR, but even *I* can see that
this whole thread is just plain wrong. It doesn't belong on NANOG. Evenso,
Torvalds would NEVER condone the pro-Linux advocacy statements made in this
thread. I'm not sure that the BSD developers would condone the pro-BSD
statements either.

BTW, except for one lone WinNT server, we are a pure Linux server shop.