Links on the blink - what will/should mci & sprint do?

oh come on, curtis. don't get holier-than-thou on us.

we know quality is important to ANS; quality is important to
ALL of us. asserting anything to the contrary is simply
insulting to everyone here.

EACH of the large networks (including ANS) has done their share of
javelin-catching in the past and will do so again at some time in the
future. it is, however, useful that we don't all seem to try and
catch the same ones at the same time. that's one (surprise) advantage
of having different network architectures. once again, genetic
diversity is a strength.

as for "who's right", that isn't a very interesting discussion because
you can't define "right" except in self-referential terms. you can,
however, talk about how different designs have different strengths and
different distribution of cost functions. some networks make some
things easier, and some networks make a different set of things
easier. which is better for the application depends on the weights of
the terms in the system cost and service value polynomials. (note that
there may not be just one of each of those polynomials)

So let's not get catty here.

a round of "My network's better than your network!" isn't
obviously useful.

  and here's to quiet Thanksgiving in everyone's NOC