Links on the blink - what will/should mci & sprint do?

Sounds like there is a need for a good ip switch. Something simple,
very fast, and low cost that you can download "static" routes to.

It's called an SSP.


And the problem on the net isn't with SSP's. The problem is that the
routing tables are NOT static. Switching is working fine, but the size of
the routing tables (CIDRize or die!) and the constant change in the
routing tables are the problem. Note that CIDRizing also reduces the
amount of change in the routing tables by replacing a set of potentially
varying routes with an unvarying aggregate.

Even building a mondo box to handle huge routing tables and lots of
changes is not enough to solve the problem because there there is also
the protocol problem whereby routers communicate these route changes to
one another. This limits the number of BGP peering sessions that are

Of course, most people here already know this but for those who are
trying to understand what is going on, I hope my brief explanation helps.

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