Links on the blink - reprise

>There are substantial disadvantages, too.
>In order to take advantage of the greater
>port-density(-per-dollar) on FR switches right now, the
>end user has to use FR, which is not always practical
>or desirable.

One of the reasons why end users find frame-relay undesireable is
that they cannot be assured that their provider is not grossly
oversubscribed on PVC-per-port density. When you buy a T1 private
line, you can be assured that you're not sharing it with 120 other
end-users. :slight_smile:

Nor can you know that with a Dedicated line, that the other side doesn't feed
into a 2501 into a collision-ridden Boca 10baseT hub, into a Welfleet bridging
over Frame-Relay-over-ATM at 1.5Mbps simplex speeds into an over-committed
4Mbps port speed on the other side.

i.e., the fact that your buying a leased line to connect and running HDLC
over it doesn't count for anything. When it comes right down to it, customers
can't really be reassured of anything.

But then, nobody expects the customer to realize this, right?