Links on the blink - reprise

When you buy a T1 private line, you can be assured that you're not
sharing it with 120 other end-users. :slight_smile:

  A T-1 private line to what? Do you think Sprint has sold
  more than 30 T-1s, filling up their DS-3 backbone?

  Do you think MCI has sold more than 30 T-1s, filling up
  their DS-3 backbone?

  You _are_ sharing bandwidth, unless 100% of your traffic
  is to your provider.

- paul


Yes, that is true but most ISP's in my area are overselling 100 X or
more. Sure I mux 4 T1 FR to 1 T1 port and oversell my bandwidth, but all
of my links have at least 20% free on them during our peek.

Sure oversell, but I think it is wrong to keep overselling when your
links are at 90% - 100% most of the time and you sell more t1's to get
the money.

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