Links on the blink - how to build a backbone....


"There are more things in this world, Horatio, than are dreamt of
in your Philosophies."

Different networks are engineered for different demands and different
models based on different assumptions. This results in a a spectrum
of designs which differ in a number of important dimensions. Each
network was created by its designers as a solution to the problems
posed by environment, business model, market focus, and engineering
realities both current and anticipated.

An attempt to compare the architecture of two large networks assumes
you can compare all the drivers which went into the designs.

Even then, you don't get "right" and "wrong" as answers.


OK..... sage comments from both sean and mike.

They still I think leave an interesting question. when you have IP
networks as large as sprints and mci's and you are having a lot of
serious problems, if this frame relay architecture is not necessarily the
answer, then what is? IE how are you going to avoid the crash into the brick
wall at 60 mph? One way is to cidrize like aggregate
routes, clean up the swamp, etc. Any other solutions out there? From
what I can remember everytime someone suggested a solution someone else
showed that said solution produced an undesirable side effect.