links on the blink (fwd)

A constant 10% packet loss (or any constant packet loss) means that the
network is underprovisioned.


These aggregations result in some degree of
steady state, but also burst behavior, which even in a well designed

People who have analyzed Internet traffic would disagree with that
statement. The traffic patterns on the Internet do not appear to converge
on a steady state when multiple packet streams are aggregated.

you're the greatest expert around here, obviously.


I just have a memory which is good at storing facts. Sometime in the last
month on either nanog or com-priv a person whose name escapes me posted
an article about some statistical studies that had been done on the old
NSFnet and recently redone. In both instances the traffic patterns did
not smooth out after aggregation. There was a specific
mathematical/statistical term used to describe the distribution but I
can't remember it (not a mathematician).

So, no I am not a great expert, but I listen carefully, try to understand
intuitively what the real experts are saying and think about the
implications. In any case, expertise is not an overall thing in this day
and age. I am an expert in certain fields which Curtis and Sean probably
know little. They in turn are experts far beyond my level in their
fields. One nice thing about Internet lists (and some parts of USENET) is
that we can all rub shoulders and from time to time, develop a synergy
that helps us understand our own problems better and find solutions that
we would not have found strictly within the confines of our field of

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