links on the blink (fwd)


I bet myself you would respond the way you did before I finished processing
my mail bag. I won. Sure, 100% packet loss is eminently acceptable if that
loss rate occurs not more than 1% of the time. Maybe 10% packet loss
is acceptable if it occurs no more than 2% of the time and not in the
same breath as the former. Please deliver me/us from all this. The
performance of the US/UK link is clearly unacceptable. Geeze, but it
would be nice to have a loss profile which would allow characterization
on burst frequencies/durations for that, but the carriers serving
Dog Island in the middle of the Thames ain't talking. The loss profile
that HW is talking about might even be marginally acceptable, in spite
of his squawks, but we don't have the data to develop that, right?