links on the blink (fwd)

My opinion of the complainers is that they are swell headed bigots with
their minds full of the 21st century who fail to realize that the level
of today's network technology is about the same level of automotive
technology when Model T Fords first started to roll off the assembly lines.

You don't get it, do you? Ross Veach and I have been working in this
environment for many years. I was a PI for the NSFNET backbone, and
Ross was one of our major collaborators. I forgive you your newbie
mentality, but please forgive us that after bringing the Internet over
the last ten years from a network research environment to a state that
was attractive enough to private industry to get it delivered on a
silver plate, that we would at least like the service qualities we
worked so hard on achieving. My hope was that you guys would do better
than we did, and provide a ubiquitous high quality network (we did high
quality, but not ubiquitous). Are you going to get to work and fix it,
or continue to screw it up and whine around about the heat in the
kitchen? Your choice.