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>Try real hard not to blame the provider, but the idiot who signed a contract
>that doesn't have performance guarantees. We [ACES Research] offer our
>clients contracts, and if they want to pay for performance guarantees, those
>too. None of them whine, so I assume they're happy and not upset. Some of

.... just saw this: how does ACES then guarantee, e.g., that
is reachable whitn certain quality parameters, when that site is
overseas? Of course, if a customer wants it, I can always guarantee

Eh? Our customers understand what they're buying is THEIR connectivity,
not someone else's. What we guarantee to those who pay for it is as follows:
  1. We will deliver their packets to the next hop 100% of the time.
  2. We will have no unannoucned outages. If we do, they are free
     of the contract and don't have to pay either.
  3. We will contact other providers between us and an unreachable
     or packet-lossy destinations on their behalf
  4. We will handle all appropriate technical matters.

Think of this like you do from the phone company. You're buying connectivity
to the network. If someone on the remote end has a busy signal, what you've
bought is the RIGHT to find that out by having a connection go as far as

If the connection never gets to your local CO, then you have a poor service
provider. If your service provider is too busy making graphical web pages
and resting on their laurels while their routers go down, then you have a
poor service provider. If your service provider is ignoring a 10% packet
loss, then you have a poor service provider, etc... etc...

But are we talking about this here?



...... just to make it shorter .....


Ehud Gavron (EG76)

this is what is in place with all providers. You guarantee a quality
standard for the own networks.

Just the user did not understand this.