Linkedin Contacts

Guyz. Anyone from Linkedin here? please
contact me offlist. We have not been able to open
from Our Ip space for close to 2 months now!!.
Any Help will be highly apreciated


it probably has something to do with the large proportion of fraudsters
using linked in and every personals site in the world for 419 and
other confidence schemes, don't you think?

of course, this only forces the fraudsters to use proxies, aol and satellite
providers which are more difficult to geolocate.

Well, half of west african connectivity IS satellite so you're going
to see a lot of Gilat, etc satellite carriers' IP space as the source
for 419 activity

Especially when it comes to a paid service like a lot of linkedin is,
if firewalling off a particular section of IP space means far less
chargebacks, well, it may not look good but it sure has a great impact
on your bottom line.


I need to report something about an IP belonging to them:

I've looked at their website and the whois record...and sent email to, abuse@GNILINK.NET,

Are these the right addresses? If someone works for please let me know here or offline.

Thanks a bunch!