Link-Rank 1.0 alpha for visualizing BGP routing changes

Dear all,

We recently released an alpha version of Link-Rank 1.0 tool.

Summary: Link-Rank works by weighing AS-AS links from each BGP router by the number of BGP routes carried, and visualizes routing events as changes in AS-AS link weights. Red edges represent loss of routes while green edges represent gain of routes. The tool can currently visualize data starting from January 1, 2007 from RouteViews' Oregon collector, with a time lag of 1-2 hours.

The tool can be downloaded from
More information about the Link-Rank project can be found on the website

The new version has various improvements over existing version including

1. Better handling of very large routing events.
2. Ability to save and load graphs. Some sample events are included in the "Examples" directory.
3. Near real-time continuous visualization (This feature is being tested and will be available in the beta release soon).
4. Redesigned GUI based on feedback from previous release.

We expect to move to beta release in a few weeks and would really appreciate any bug reports or feature requests. The full source code of the tool will be available with the beta release. We will also be releasing a set of scripts and instructions to be able to use the tool with your own BGP data.
We hope you find this tool useful. Feel free to send us an email at linkrankhelp-at-cs-dot-ucla-dot-edu


Link-Rank team