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You might want to mention that gated has no problems. All modern BSD
and Sys5 based host implementations support subnetting, however some
host implementations can handle overlapping subnets and others cannot.
BSD4.4 based OS have no trouble with overlapping subnets. All earlier
BSD implementations will eventually crash. I think Jeff Honig changed
the radix tree to fix this and it got into BSD4.4 (maybe we should
confirm with Jeff). I think AIX4 is fixed. All Sys5.4 based
implementations are suspect. [note: Solaris and Irix5.2 have been
seen to crash due to overlapping routes. Leave out this note.] This
has implications for the use of BSD or Sys5 based boxes as routers.

You can mention that the NSS routers had no trouble, in case someone
has any doubt about this or wants to buy an NSS (I've been told that
Advantis has received a few serious inquiries). Although not
participating in the exp39 testing, Baynet routers pass testing in the
lab that would indicate they would have no problem with this.