Like dogs, returning to thier own

Here is round two... Last Chance B&G. It's off to the drafts
directory in the early morn. (~14:00 UTC) TTFN..!!

          ip route
          router bgp 64000
          network mask
          redistribute static route-map static-bgp
          route-map static-bgp
          match ip address 98

Perhaps add something about what access-list 98 should contain:

    access-list 98 permit <prefix1> <mask1>
    access-list 98 permit <prefix2> <mask2>

    o Workaround for 9.1 or later software where the
      "ip classless" command is not available: install a
      "default network route" like this:
      "ip route next-hop" along the axis


    o Workaround for 9.0 or older software: create a
      "default subnet route": "ip route 39.x.y.0 next-hop"

Please add something to explain that "next-hop" is not literal text.
Perhaps just put it in angle brackets or something:

    ip route <next-hop>
    ip route 39.x.y.0 <next-hop>

--apb (Alan Barrett)