Level3 NOC Contact


Any Level3 NOC contacts on the list? Our link in Irvine has been on and off for few minutes already. Would appreciate replies offline..



AFAIK theres no longer any way to get their attention unless you're a
customer AND have signed up for their online portal system at
https://my.level3.com/ - and I wouldn't expect anything stellar
then either. You'll likely have to do your own troubleshooting through them
as my recent experiences have shown little to no clue or assistance from
them. They were happy to do as asked but weren't able, or willing, or
whatever to do anything on their own. Make certain you get the problem
category right too or you'll be stuck in the wrong team without any of them
telling you that.

The portal should have some stats where you can do basic troubleshooting.
It's really easy to get registered on the portal, you just need account
number and customer name (which is scary, but go figure...).