Level3 Customer Center Down?

Has anyone else experienced the Level3 Customer Center down for the past 2 days? All I get when I try to go there is:


An HTTP error occurred while getting:


Tried in multiple browsers from multiple ISPs.

Works for me but takes time to load. Running Chrome and Firefox.

When L3 had a major outage last night at 9PM PST during scheduled maintenance (thousands of prefixes, including ours, stopped advertising across their border) we discovered the portal was down. I phoned in to open the BGP outage ticket, and let them know about the portal too. The portal was then up and down during the outage, which resolved about three hours later. But the portal kept bouncing, with DNS problems, and 404 messages.

-mel beckman

Also,mi think the new URL is http://my.level3.com.

-mel beckman

http://www.level3.com/en/customer-center/ also loaded for me.

We have had problems with our traffic passing through Level 3’s network since Friday afternoon.
All our prefix announcements are “suppressed” on their routers, for no apparent reason.
We have no routing problems anywhere else, nor are we flapping routes..
If you still can’t access their site (resources), I would go to their looking glass, http://lookingglass.level3.net, (from your cell or some other network) to check your routes.