Level(3) faux paux

> I have noticed that Level(3) misconfigs/outages seem to happen more
> frequently than with most other Tier 1’s. Am unsure whether or not
> this is a mis-statement, but based on NANOG posts, Level(3) [AS3356]
> seems to show up more often with issues than say Sprint [AS1239].

As mentioned previously, there are a lot of variables that effect this claim.

> Is their any one (or any coporation) that keeps track of outages
> such as these? Would think it might be a good thing to know for
> proper mulit-homing relationships to minimize the type of outage
> that Yahoo faced…

A lot of businesses include this sort of data in their quarterly reports. Some of your questions might be answered by
reports like this one => http://www.level3.com/newsroom/pressreleases/2007/20070426.html

Additionally, I'd do a Google search for terms like "System Availability" and include some Tier 1 providers to see
what kind of data comes back. Then just go from there.

Best regards,

Tim Rainier