Level 3/CL IP allocation contact

Anyone have a contact at L3/CL that can deal with IP reassignment issues? The tech contact email is dead air, and phone support has been tepid at best.

I have a block that needs to be moved to another OrgID/POC.

Justin H.

Since there were people who asked about the outcome:

The tech contact email address (ipaddressing@level3) goes nowhere. One of the admin contact emails (ipadmin@centurylink) got a response.
They suggested I put in a trouble ticket instead of approaching it as an administrative task (which is what I had been doing - lesson learned).

After a couple of weeks of back and forth with a tech who had enough clue to keep the ball rolling, I got to someone in justification, and got taken care of as soon as I explained the situation.

Justin H.

Justin Hammond wrote: