Legislative Relief - was Re: Motion for a new POST NSF AUP

> I would like to propose that we seek legislative relief from
> this ever-increasing problem. I have spoken with counsel and
> now understand what is required to support the enactment of
> federal legislation to prohibit the misuse of electronic mail
> and Usenet news by unprincipled "spammers."

Eek. Do you _really_ want to get a bunch of shyster lawyers involved?
I would think that there must be any number of more platable courses of
action than this...

My $.02.

- paul

Me thinks that this is yet one more short sighted view of the Internet.
Surely Rob is aware that any federal legislation regarding "misuse"
of Internet resources has only limited coverage... afterall, the
Internet is global, and it is not clear how much weight US law carries
in other juristictions. Think about it for a bit Rob.... Are you
really going to advocate federal law control what companies do on their
private networks? Or will the law be only applicable to US government
funded networks and machines?