leasing/managed offices in London, UK with 10gbe carriers POPs?


I was going through this database[1] looking for office
facilities/buildings with 10gbe carriers POPs already present, but only
datacentres are listed.

My requirement is low cost 10gbe connectivity to any London
datacentre where I could either get either low-cost few racks
hosting+partial transit.. Well multiple 1gig links might be ok

I am sure there are already large office blocks with multiple
10gbe carrier POPs or am I? Maybe it is possible to save costs
and time by choosing office with built-in good connectivity
rather than wait months and multiple permits to dig the road

[1] https://www.peeringdb.com/private/facility_list.php


Unlikely to find managed offices with multiple 10GE connections. In my
experience, if they have 1GE shared between all tenants, then you're doing
well :slight_smile:

That said, if you talk to the people with lots of fibre around London (Geo,
Zayo/Abovenet, Level3, etc), then you will probably find that you can pick
up a metro dark fibre hop back to one of the major datacentres for not too
much money. If you shop around carefully, you may find that they have buildings
that they're either in, or immediately outside of, and digs won't be a major