leaking of routes by AS3549

At approximately 1830 UTC [12:00 noon PDT] globalcenter
  [AS3549] started announcing full routes to peers at most
  exchange points with an AS-Path of 3549 [customer-as]
  [worlds view].

  This was due to a misconfiguration by a downstream customer
  and the peering session filters during a customer turn-up.
  This incident started at approximately 1830 UTC and abated
  approximately 1705 UTC.

  It appears that the BGP withdrawal propogation is quite
  latent due to improper congestion due to this event, but
  the withdrawls are processing.

  We apologize for any inconvenience this caused you or your

  We are reavaluating our turn-up policies and routing filters
  to prevent a problem such as this from occuring again.

  Please contact our network operations center
  (noc@globalcenter.net) with any questions or concerns.

  Our internal operations ticket is 9808040108.


The time should be corrected below as 1830 UTC [11:30 PDT],
  ending approximately 1705 UTC, or 12:05 PDT.


Thus spake Alan Hannan (alan@globalcenter.net)
on or about Tue, Aug 04, 1998 at 12:34:48PM -0700:

I erred again in the time zone correlation below.

  1830-1905 UTC; 11:30-12:05 PDT; 2:30-3:05 EDT.


Thus spake Alan Hannan (alan@globalcenter.net)
on or about Tue, Aug 04, 1998 at 12:36:51PM -0700: