Lawsuit on ICANN (was: Re: A few words on VeriSign's sitefinder)

Verisign is really two entities wrt .com/net - it is the registry and the

Verisign Registrar, aka Network Solutions, was sold off to Pivotal Private
Equity last Fall.

Other lines of analysis to attempt:

  o what are "registry services" and what are not.

  o if a "registry services", is the plan of record consistent with
    equal access to all operational registrars? to all accredited

  o is the feature a "surprise", and is it a noxious "surprise"?
    hint: consulting the non-feature user base is allowed.

  o is the feature protocol-independent or is it protocol-specific,
    and if specific, is that a "good thing"?

  The point of this interposition on a query is enablement of a
  provisioning sale and subsequent downstream sales of name service,
  site hosting, bandwidth, digital certificats, turn-key solutions,

  o would it matter if interposition on the query were performed
    at the browser? at the access ISP? at any nameserver?
    hint: see my prior notes on China, a Unicode bug in the IE
    navbar, and transpac flow for clue.

I think I'll go have coffee. Basically everyone capable of steering traffic
who can detect interposition or the opportunity to interpose and doesn't
steer traffic to their own, not VGRS's retail sales, should either do a deal
with VGRS's wholesale, or waive "bye bye" to all the things you could do
(appologies to Dr. Seuss).

This just in on another list, I haven't read them all (but I did check,
and the WaPo's David McGuire did use "hieroglyphics" when writing about
writing Chinese. Must be one of those covert signaling channels between
Washington and Beijing.)

* From the Associated Press (by Anick Jesdanun, staff):

Includes quotes or attributions from:

        Jonathan Weinberg, law professor, Wayne State University
        Kieran Baker, ICANN spokesman (no comment)
        Michael Froomkin, law professor, University of Miami
        Tom Galvin, vice president of government relations, VeriSign

* From ZDNet (by Declan McCullagh, CNet):

Includes quotes or attributions from:

        John Jeffrey, ICANN general counsel (not reached)

* From Reuters (newer, by Andy Sullivan, staff)

Includes quotes or attributions from:

        Derek Newman, Seattle lawyer

* From the Washington Post (by David McGuire, staff):

Includes quotes or attributions from:

        Mark Lewyn, chairman, Paxfire Inc.
        Baker (no comment)
        Stratton Sclavos, VeriSign chief executive

* From Slashdot:

Anyone else going to Rome?