Lawful Interception in the world...

I'm trying to collect some informations on Lawfull Interception over the
Does any country in the world require such things ?

LOGS (6 months archive required)
    - mail header logs (all mails, in, out, relay)
    - pop3/imap/webmail access logs (all accounts)
    - dhcp/dial/adsl/gprs/whatever accounting logs (all users)

    - mail interception (IN,OUT,RELAY) for a certain From/To address or a
certain IP.
    the mail has to be encrypted with PGP and sent directly to the Law
enforcement as a mail attachement.

Thank you for taking 2 minutes to answer to nanog or privatly, this is

There are requirements to be able to do lawful interception, some countries
such as Switzerland have defined the mechanism, some countries such as the
UK have not yet done this. I think Germany has done this.