latency (was: RE: cooling door)

Mikael, I see your points more clearly now in respect to the number of turns
affecting latency. In analyzing this further, however, it becomes apparent that
the collapsed backbone regimen may, in many scenarios offer far fewer
opportunities for turns, and more occasions for others.

To the former class of winning applications, because it eliminates local
access/distribution/aggregation switches and then an entire lineage of
hierarchical in-building routing elements.

To the latter class of loser applications, no doubt, if a collapsed backbone
design were to be dropped-shipped in place on a Friday Evening, as is, the there
would surely be some losers that would require re-designing, or maybe simply some
re-tuning, or they may need to be treated as one-offs entirely.

BTW, in case there is any confusion concerning my earlier allusion to "SMB", it
had nothing to do with the size of message blocks, protocols, or anything else
affecting a transaction profile's latency numbers. Instead, I was referring to
the "_s_mall-to-_m_edium-sized _b_usiness" class of customers that the cable
operator Bright House Networks was targeting with its passive optical network
business-grade offering, fwiw.