Last Call for Participation: Peering BOF VI at NANOG

Several folks have asked me for a list of who is participating at the Peering BOF VI at NANOG. Here is a list of who I have so far:

Steve Schecter Net Access Corp AS8001
Chris Malayter TDS Telecom AS4181
Celeste Anderson USC/ISI AS226
Daniel Golding AOL/Time Warner AS1668
Shawn Solomon Indiana Telecom Net AS1767
Chris Caputo Altopia AS6456
Ingrid Erkman ICG AS2551
Matthew Ploessel ToneLink AS26322
Ren Nowlin SBC AS7132, 5673, 5676, ...
Patrick Gilmore Akamai AS12222
Louie Lee Equinix AS14609, 9989, 17819
Allison Feese BroadWing AS6395
Joe Provo RCN AS6079
Joe Klein Adelphia AS19548
Pete Kruckenberg Utah Educ Net AS210

We can take maybe 10 or so more Peering Coordinators. If you would like to participate, please fill out the form and send it to

For the BOF we'll have each Peering Coordinator stand up, introduce themselves, talk about their network, what they look for in a peer and why other ISPs/CPs should want to peer with them. On the screen behind them will be their contact info (Name,email,AS/Company Peering URL) along with answers to the questions about Peering Inclination (Content Heavy, Access Heavy, Open Peering vs. Multi-Site requirements, etc.) and Current/Planned Peering locations. This has proven to be a valuable way for Peering Coordinators to meet each other and make that initial contact for establishing peering. ( It is much easier when people recognize you from your 3-5 minutes of fame.)

Comments/Suggestions welcome.