Las Vegas Rolling Blackout

Its not just California.

Las Vegas Nevada had a rolling blackout on Monday. Nevada Power
needed to shed approximately 100 Megawatts of power (10,000
customers) when heat and maintenance outages at power plants
lead to power shortages. Casinos and other large power consumers
were requested to shed 50 megawatts of load.

In better news New York City believes it has added enough peaker
plants, so NYC will not have power shortages this summer. However,
as a representative of the Edison Institute pointed in 1999, no
electricity consumer should assume power will never fail (double

Dominion VA Power in Virginia is advertising "Deregulation will be coming
to Virginia. The crisis that's occurring in California will not." Almost
8,000 megawatts of new "power" is scheduled to be online by 2005.

Pepco(serving DC and MD) says the same. 15,000 megawatts coming online
but that number is shared among several companies in the "PJM".


I wonder if Pepco might find another source of power by magnetizing their manhole covers and putting coils around the edges of the manholes. That way, when the manholes explode, as they have been doing lately, the cover would induce electrical flux in the coils and add to the power reserves.