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Paul kindly replies:

And as several people have already stated [deja vu, many times over],
this draft, if moved to BCP, has no teeth. It simply states that the
idea of address ownership is null and void, and Joe's ISP decides to
pull up stakes and move to another upstream provider [B] for whatever
reason, Joe should not be surprised when his [A] provider asks him
to return his address allocation so that its doesn't punch holes in
his CIDR block.

This makes sense to me.

- paul

Granted, CIDR space from ISPs allocated by ISPs to users should be
stated in the services contract to be on loan from the ISP for

On the other hand, address space allocated by a registry (US NIC,
European RIPE, etc.) and announced by an ISP do not 'punch holes'
in classless blocks and were assigned to the user. Furthermore,
there will *never* be a 100 percent efficient hierarchical routing
infrastructure; and the atmosphere to create it is destructive
and counterproductive.

Thanks for a reasonable reply, BTW; especially on an issue that tends
to supercede logic and reason and stimulate emotion and conflict.


(The Heretic)