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Paul states:

This attitude of non-cooperation is shameful.

- paul

The poster is beginning to sound like a member of a political
party in a European country of the first half of this century whom
believes that if you do not "believe in the party line" that you
are shameful and should be banished from the party.

I quote from another Milan Kundera book:

" .. I became aware of the magic qualities of the circle. Leave a row and you
  can always come back to it. The row is an open formation. But once a
  circle closes, there is no return. It is no accident that the planets
  move in a circle and when a stone breaks loose from one of them it is
  drawn inexorably away by centrifugal force. Like a meteorite broken loose
  from a planet, I too fell from the circle and have been falling ever since.
  Some people remain in the circle until they die, others smash to pieces
  at the end of a long fall......"

      Milan Kundera
            The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, pg 65-64

The use of terms like 'shameful' are really out of line when discussing
ideas born from different perspectives. We all know that the continuing
deployment of a hierarchical routing model for the Internet means more
routers sold; big ISPs get bigger; etc. ad infinitum.

There are other ways to deploy a hierarchical routing model than forcing
end users to renumber their IP addresses. The problem is that it
requires more work and energy from those above the end-user level; and
the problem of developing a more robust hierarchical routing
infrastructure at the expense of the user of the technology, and not
the supplier, is what people are not in agreement with.

At I have pointed out before, opposing views are antipodic and draw energy
from each other like a magnet, forming the quintessential element of
human society. It is very dioramic to view the world or others viewpoints
as 'shameful' just because you and your circle happen to disagree.

Take Care,


(The Heretic)