Laptop console

The one I have been looking at is Toshiba's Libretto 50CT. Small,
lightweight, costs about $700, and runs FreeBSD (I am sure linux also),
Win95 etc. Has a pcmcia slot, so you can get a NIC, and have tcpdump also

The Mitsubishi Amity/CN looks interesting, similar idea.

Yeah, it runs linux, which was the first operating system I saw on a
Libretto 2 years ago. I currently use a linux laptop with an ethernet
card as our sniffer here, but I'd kill for the features of a network
general. All in all though, you can't beat the price, and anyone handy
with C and/or perl can either wrapper or add functionality to whatever
freely available sniffer source there is out there.

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We just got a Toshiba 300cds.. works very nicly with linux.. only one
thing I don't like about it is that it has a software bios that can only
be setup from windows and dos... so we just installed windows, setup the
bios the way we wanted to, and installed linux...

The only other problem we had was trying to get X to work since toshiba
won't tell us what kind of chipset there is in the video card... took a
whild to get it to work, but X11R6 was the only X server we could get to
work at 8x6 in 24 bit...