L2TPv3/MPLS (TP) Pseudowire to preserve


We have a new requirement to load balance across a couple of point to point
ethernet links.

The previous solution was handled by a few TDM circuits and MLPPP so that
traffic was load balanced and any fragmentation/reassembly was handled by

Load balancing per flow is not really an option because we have a single
IPSec tunnel (ESP-mode) and there is Layer 4 information to make a better
decision to balance the load.

I have been considering the use of L2TPv3 or an MPLS Pseudowire as a
potential solution as they seem to have mechanisms to ensure packets are
not misordered.

I would appreciate any feedback/suggestions that the community can offer.



Have you looked at Cisco CEF Load Sharing?

Eric Miller, CCNP
Network Engineering Consultant
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