Kudos to Qwest

We always hear the worst but I just thought I would plug Qwest in that they
just installed an OC-12 point to point cross country for me in 27 hours from
time of order. This included cross connects at Level3.

then you are obviously missing the kudos @ level3 :slight_smile:

  i've seen them be quite prompt in turning ckts up also.

  - jared

Of course, the other question is whether Qwest will be around in six
months or if it will face the same Enron/Worldcom implosion we're seeing

Damn, that's better than even you, Vin.


That sounds like the path needed little more than cross-connects, and the 24 hr loopback test.
It also sounded like both companies worked well together to expedite construction.
I can remember circuits I turned up that waited months for some vendor on the end to do their work. The old "Bell Scamlantic"...or "Versleazzzzon" should be a warning whenever seen on a order...

That's definitely enough for it to take months.