KPNQwest to be shut down ?


                   Curtain Being Drawn on KPNQwest Network

                   The future of the KPNQwest network looks bleak, after the Customer Support
                   KPNQwest foundation decided to withdraw its support for the operation from
                   23.00 hours tonight.

                   The foundation was co-founded by Dutch carrier KPN NV to enable the bankrupt
                   network to continue operating while possible buyers were found. Yesterday KPN
                   said that much of the network had already been sold off and customers had found
                   alternative options. Consequently, traffic had dropped and "the foundation sees
                   no reason to continue supporting the network."

                   Dutch incumbent KPN added that "the receivers and banks have still not
                   responded positively to KPN's offer to take over the remaining sections of
                   rings 1,2 and 3 in of the KPNQwest network in Northwestern Europe". KPN added
                   that as far as it was aware, its offer was the only concrete one. It said,
                   "whether the Foundation's decision to stop support of the network leads to its
                   closure depends on the receivers and the banks."

Well our transit BGP just this minute went along with the circuit to KPNQ.

I cant confirm as theres no NOC but looks like it may be it .. ?



I Could confirm that the AS286 is dead in Spain (286 2845249 75459 0
0 0 1d17h Active)

The national AS2134 appears to be live but announce only 14 prefix. They
announce to us 100 prefix before of their financial crash.