KPNQwest server.

Hallo Sabine,

lange nichts gehoert ...

> At least each IXP member would have direct connectivity to such
> infrastructural services (DNS, NTP, WHOIS, NNTP??) and thereby their
> customers would benefit from it.

I agree that IXPs would be very gould locations as they offer network
diversity, but there is one question still open and that is who will be the
one running the and monitoring the server. And we at DENIC have seen in the
last years an increasing demand in running the servics by ourself as only
then we have the complete control and information about statistics, network
attacks, performance ...

Keep it simple ... the IXPs (e.g. Euro-IX) could/should provide the basis.
I.e. taking care for excellent colo, sufficient connectivity, one-stop-shop

Interested parties would install the services by themselves and would be
responsible to run them. Parties could be CENTR, DE-NIC, ICANN, EUxxx and so

I would like to know more about the CENTR sss iniative. Whom should I contact?