Keynote/Boardwatch Results

Below you might find more information about the server locations which
Keynote uses for their connectivity data. The first three columns you
can find for yourself at the URL:
and the fourth column I added based on digging into either who the IP
block was assigned/swipped to or (if that failed) via a traceroute.

The following list is Keynote's Agent Network locations.

<------ KEYNOTE PROVIDED INFORMATION -------> <my own digging notes>
City Backbone IP Address Connected at or via...

Atlanta, GA MCI Tronco
Boston, MA UUNET Quest Technologies
Charleston, SC Sprint SCEscape, Inc.
Chicago, IL Good Net, MCI MegsInet, Inc.
Cleveland, OH Sprint Marinar/Harbor Comm.
Columbus, OH MCI, Sprint eNET Inc.
Dallas, TX CRL Crystalball Software
Denver, CO BBN, Sprint Colorado Internet Coop
Detroit, MI MCI Merit Network, Inc.
Houston, TX AGIS 4GL Corporation
Kansas City, KA MCI Teranet Corp.
Los Angeles, CA UUNET Earthlink Network
Los Angeles, CA Sprint xx.xx.xx.xx ** UNKNOWN **
Miami, FL BBN PG&C Leasing
Milwaukee, WI BBN Global Dialog/Alpha Net
Minneapolis, MN MCI Orbis Internet/AGIS
Norfolk, VA Sprint Visionary Systems
New York, NY UUNET, Sprint New York Connect
New York, NY MCI Matrix Online/AGIS
Omaha, NB Sprint Novia, LLC
Philadelphia, PA AGIS, CRL OpNet Inc./AGIS
Phoenix, AZ MCI Innovative System Des.
Pittsburgh, PA MCI Aswell Corp.
Portland, OR ELI NWPowerNet, Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT ELI MicroSystems Comnet
San Diego, CA AGIS Infonex/PacBellInternet
San Francisco, CA MCI, Sprint Internet Systems/MCI
Seattle, WA UUNET, MCI Connect Northwest/IXA
St. Louis, MO MCI Cybercon/Internet 1st
Tampa, FL Good Net Combase Comm/Good Net
Washington D.C. AGIS Hermes Internet/CAIS
Amsterdam Global One Cybercomm/Frame Relay?