Keynote/Boardwatch Internet Backbone Index A better test!!!


Actually, you have hardly seen ANY of the results of the test. This is
probably what has me stymied. You saw a very very simple, summary listing
of the average download times comparing 29 networks, issued in a two page
press release.

The RESULTS of the Survey are contained in TWO articles with about 35 PAGES
OF GRAPHS, and ten pages of text or so answering most of this. Copies will
go out next week. That there is a lot of opinion of flaws in the logic,
absolutely predating any of these people SEEING the results, is awe

Jack Rickard

still more awe inspiring is the release of such obviously useless and
misleading data which is then defended on the basis of vapor stats nobody
outside of your organization has seen.

spout all you want about the data to be released RSN. until we see it,
you should probably stop babbling.