Keynote/Boardwatch Internet Backbone Index A better test!!!

Jack spouted:

Where you choose to locate a web server, and how you choose to operate it,
is rather your own affair. I would certainly put my best face on mine, if
web hosting had any portion of my business, or if providing dedicated
access to people who hosted theirs were any part of my business.

perhaps you don't understand how a large ISP works. their home page does
not generate revenue as does, say, a search engine or an advertising
company. there is no good reason to waste valuable colocation space on
something like the corporate web server. instead, an ISP can put a
PAYING CUSTOMER server in that space. the customer then gets the best
possible performance and happily tells their friends about the great
service they are getting.

in your scenario, customers are considered secondary to having great
performance on the corporate home page...sounds like a good way to loose
customers, but a great way to look good on some contrived and ambiguous

I am certain that there are people at many backbones who
  are currently planning out how to do exactly this.

  So, even if the Keynote results can be contrived to have
  any validity now, such validity will be diminished in a
  very short order by such techniques as distributed mirrors,
  "intrusive" cacheing, and probably a lot of things that
  most of us have never really thought about before this.